BBQs 2U – Why the Kamado Joe Big Joe III for Your Backyard BBQ This Year

As the sun warms and days lengthen in the UK, you feel like barbequing in your backyard.

As years pass, the sun is getting hotter and hotter, so you need to elevate your outdoor cooking experience with a new grill this year. Fortunately, BBQs 2U has sold branded grills, ovens, griddles, and accessories.

BBQs 2U in Abersoch has been family-owned since 2002, so they understand the importance of quality, trust and community.

The Kamado Joe Big Joe 3 they supply is a culinary powerhouse and an investment to enjoy the coming summers. So, let’s explore why the Big Joe III deserves a prime spot on your patio:

  • Premium ceramic construction: Retains heat exceptionally well for consistent cooking and superior flavour.
  • Large cooking surface: 450 square inches, perfect for feeding crowds or adventurous grilling.
  • Durable & weatherproof: Built to last with heavy-duty materials and heat resistance.
  • Versatile: Grills, smokes, bakes, roasts, and more with precise temperature control.
  • Divide & Conquer system: Create multiple cooking zones with different temperatures on one grill.
  • Kontrol Tower top vent: Fine-tune airflow for perfect smoke and heat distribution.
  • Advanced draft door: Precisely control airflow for optimal cooking conditions.
  • Hyperbolic design: Ensures even cooking and locks in moisture for juicy results.
  • Air Lift Hinge: Makes opening and closing the heavy lid effortless.
  • Integrated ash drawer: Easy cleanup for less hassle.
  • Wide range of accessories: Expand your culinary possibilities with pizza ovens, griddles, and more.
  • Heat range: 180°F to 750°F: Master any recipe, from searing to slow smoking.

Additional Benefits

  • Superior heat retention: Maintains consistent temperatures for longer cooks.
  • Smoke infusion: Creates irresistible smoky flavours for all your dishes.
  • Long-lasting investment: Built to withstand years of use and enjoyment.
  • Endless culinary possibilities: Explore a world of grilling, smoking, and baking options.

Kamado Joe Big Joe III is available in Standalone and Stand models. Choosing between the standalone and stand versions of the Kamado Joe Big Joe III depends on your specific needs and setup.

  • Standalone pros are lower price points, more flexibility in placement and lightweight.
  • The with-stand models include a heavy-duty, mobile stand with wheels, convenient work surfaces on either side of the grill, elevated cooking height for better access and comfort and storage underneath for grilling tools and accessories, but they come at a high price tag in comparison.

If you have sufficient space and budget, then go for the with-stand model because it offers more convenience. Ultimately, the preference to choose between convenience and flexibility is personal preference.

Follow BBQs 2U on Instagram to get an in-depth look at different Big Joe III packs and accessories before purchasing.

Summer is around the corner, so fire up your grilling passion, gather your loved ones, and let the Big Joe III transform your backyard into a barbequing haven. With every dish you create, you will taste the difference and the joy of traditional charcoal grilling.

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